Very Own Exhibit

By Anna Dowd

Duncan Macfarlane, Harry Triglone and Gareth Budge grew up together surfing, capturing photos and being creative on the Mid North Coast.

Now, after carving out their own successful artistic careers, they’re home, and set to make waves at the Culture Hub with their group exhibition Very Own.

“We’ve all gone and done our respective things and now we’re bringing that all back together I guess you could say,” says Macfarlane, who’s award winning surf photography has taken him around the globe over the last decade.

The incredible adventures of all three artists are a big part of the show, including MacFarlane’s surf journals chronicling trips from the Mentawai’s and Morocco, to Cape Town and Tasmania.

He says it’s a form he took to while working for Billabong, inspired by different artists and diarists, and a need to branch out in his photography.

“I’ve always been into photography, my dad was into it too. I was always stealing his cameras, and still do.

“But then when I was working commercially, I’d shoot all this stuff, and it’d go on my hard drive and disappear forever. That kind of upset me, so I got into representing it in different ways.”

He started travelling to surf shoots with a selfie Canon printer and a journal, and the art evolved from there.

“I was just writing down what I saw, using my images and doing interviews which slowly developed into using different techniques such as transfers. It all started to combine.”

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery’s Ashleigh Frost, who has curated the show, says the exhibition will certainly speak to anyone who loves exploration, travel and surfing.

“Gareth’s photography work was captured in Berlin and Los Angeles with a nod to the tropical island of Bali where he lived, worked and surfed for years.

“And Harry who’s had similar adventures around the globe is showcasing a haphazard collection of surf films following the world’s favourite free surfers through his label Fun Boys.”

Diverse in style and medium, Frost says the works in Very Own ultimately represent the breezy, fun outlook that encapsulates growing up on the Coffs Coast.

“I’ve known the artists since I was about fifteen, when they were surfing and up to mischief in Sawtell, mostly with my brother.

“I hadn’t connected with any of them, or seen them for over ten years, but kept seeing the work they were posting online and was really impressed.”

So impressed, she reached out to see if they wanted to do a show at the Culture Hub space, an initiative of the Council’s Library Museum and Gallery, in association with Coffs Central, and got a collective yes.

For Macfarlane, having an exhibition back on home ground is awesome.

“It’s pretty exciting. This is where it all started for the three of us really, so it means a lot.”

WHEN Fri 4th June – 3 July
WHERE Culture Hub Exhibition Space, Coffs Central, Coffs Harbour
TIX Free