Single Reviews

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes
As Long As It’s Not Us

Alt-country troubadour Lachlan Bryan has been making a name for himself for many years now with his band The Wildes, and have now hit the release of their 5 th studio record. ‘As Long As It’s Not Us’ is worth a full album review, but here I’ll just draw your focus to the title track. Featuring the lanky legend that is Tim Rogers (You Am I), this song finds the two frontmen take on harmonies that would do The Everly Brothers proud. The fact that Bryan and Rodgers decided to sing the entire track together is a much more inviting angle than what you normally hear on the main stream charts at the moment, where featured guests seem to jump in and out, disconnected from the rest of the song. 

If you have followed Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes throughout their career, you may be used to a more traditional country style to their music. This new effort takes them on a more upbeat and, honestly, more inviting tone, even though the subject matter is actually quite depressing (but that’s country music for you).

Paul Kelly
Every Step Of The Way

What can we say about Paul Kelly that hasn’t been said? He has been releasing modern day masterpieces of beautiful poetry since the 80’s, and somehow has stayed relevant the whole time. I often wonder how he has able to pull it off when so many artists of his calibre have failed to do so over the years, and the answer is probably witchcraft. With this latest offering, ‘Every Step of The Way’ it’s Mr Kelly at his utmost emotive (and, unsurprising, his utmost Australian) best. This story song tells the history of AFL player Eddie Betts, who last year spoke on national TV about the racism that he has faced as a player on and off the field. With a topic so powerful, relevant and (sadly) close to many people’s hearts, Paul Kelly has taken the simple approach to this song, stripping it back to basics. It’s just him and a guitar, and with only that I’m sure Kelly will still bring a tear to peoples eyes. And really, that’s why he is one of the best. Fingers crossed his planned tour to Coffs Harbour will still go ahead next April.

Paul Kelly