Lime Cordiale

By Joshua Eckersley

Having just released their latest single, ‘The Facts of Life’, Lime Cordiale are bringing their enormous energy to the Hoey Moey on May 14th, before setting sail for their European tour. We sat them down for a quick chat about the birds and the bees.

Oli and Louis Leimbach, better known as musical duo, Lime Cordiale, might just be the hardest working musicians in the country.
Currently smashing out back-to-back Australian tours, they will be following it up with a huge European and U.K tour in the second half of the year. Oli readily admits the tour might include too many shows for their own good. “I’m hoping we don’t collapse. I hope we don’t kill each other but we might, and we might break up and that’ll be the end of it all.”

Given the band has just released a new single and are applying the finishing touches to their next album, it’s safe to say they won’t be breaking up anytime soon. Their latest single, ‘The Facts of Life’, is a vibrant slice of pop perfection, brimming with shimmering synths and jangly guitars. The lyrics tell that age-old tale of young love that we all suffered through at some point (or are still suffering through, depending on your situation).

“It’s really about the first years out of high school, when you have these lovely romantic flings. It’s about how beautiful, naïve, young and dumb those times are”, Oli informs us. “And also, the sexual tensions around that whole thing”, Louis adds. The single features a real-life bird and bee that were flying around at just the right time, Oli recalls. “We were writing in the living room and this bird was just whistling away, singing right outside the window. We shoved a microphone out there and recorded it, which seemed appropriate for the song.”

Most of the upcoming album was recorded at the Leimbach residence on the mid north coast. Surrounded by quiet beaches and bushlands, the area is very conducive to their creativity and has been utilised for several of their recent projects, such as their previous release, ‘Cordi Elba’. The mini album featured an unlikely collaboration with Hollywood superstar, Idris Elba (as the title suggests), and produced the hits ‘What’s Not To Like’ and ‘Apple Crumble’, both of which made their way into the 2021 Triple J Hottest 100.

As Oli recalls, the unexpected opportunity just fell into their laps. “We wanted to find a feature performer for our song, ‘Unnecessary Things’, but we wanted it to be a bit different. Idris was in Australia filming a movie and he wanted to get into sessions with musicians and someone sent him our music.” They recorded one song together, and then another, and another, before realising they needed to be working on a larger project. Oli continues, “it was very exciting and fun in the studio, and the creativity flowed out quickly and easily. Idris is very visual, and he is a storyteller. We learnt a lot from him, and he said he learnt a lot from us as well, so it was a great experience.”

The collaboration was so successful that it will likely continue once the boys arrive in London for their extended stay. “We had a couple of songs we didn’t quite finish because Idris had to go home, so he said maybe he’ll put them on his album. I think we might meet up with him and potentially work on his album with him, which would be pretty interesting,” says Oli.

Their European and U.K tour will see the Leimbach boys making up for lost time, having missed out on supporting some big-name artists, like Tones and I, and Milky Chance, throughout 2020/21. Despite any pandemic-related setbacks, their positivity and focus has always kept them moving forward in unstable times. Oli tells us, “We’ve always had this notion to just keep pushing forward. We’d started playing 3,000 capacity venues and then it all got stripped from us, and we were back playing 80 capacity venues, but we made it work. Instead of doing one big show, we did 40 small shows, and we got better at playing together”.

He continues, “When we got back to playing 1,000 capacity venues and more, it was like starting all over again. It was so thrilling. We were nervous to be on stage and it was quite humbling as well. We didn’t take it for granted. We realised how much we love being together and playing together. It was beautiful.”

This will be your last chance to catch Lime Cordiale before they head overseas, so get in quick!

WHAT Lime Cordial

WHERE Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour

WHEN Sat 14 May