Koala National Park

Here, we inhabit a spectacular part of East Coast Australia blessed with unique and biodiverse ecosystems, natural playgrounds to keep spirits strong and earthbound.

Communities connected to these life-supporting ecosystems understand the fragility of our native forests, the sacred vein of life and biodiversity providing habitat and refuge for flora and fauna.

The Mid North Coast community suffered great loss in the most recent bushfires. We lost property, sentimental items and loved ones… things that we can never get back… and we are about to lose something else…

Due to the very raw and recent wildlife tragedy of last summer’s bushfires and the ongoing habitat destruction, the koala, a sacred totem for the Gumbaynggirr people is set for extinction by 2050.

We the people, call for the establishment of The Great Koala National Park to protect over 20% of NSW’s remaining koala population. The innovative
proposal adds an additional 175,000ha of public native forest to existing reserves around the Mid North Coast to create a 315,000ha world-class national park and wildlife network. 

The ripple effect of the park will flow through 5 local government areas from Kempsey to the Clarence Valley, offering extensive economic opportunities for small business to establish nature-based ecotourism along with increasing employment in service industries, forest management and restoration. 

The tourism industry tells us that the number one reason people come to Australia is to ‘experience nature’. The Great Koala National Park would provide a range of new job opportunities and economic benefits to the Coffs Harbour region.

If you want to talk numbers, here they are:
• Destination NSW figures show that nature-based tourism earned NSW almost $20 billion in 2017!
• The last estimated value of the koala to Australia was $3.2 billion per year. They’re just too valuable to lose!

Recreation is now a really big industry – as well as being good for our health. For example, mountain bike riding in Rotorua, New Zealand, is now worth more to the town than the timber from plantations!

This furry legend isn’t just a cute and cuddly little animal, they’re our treasure, our international mascot and the spirit animal to a nation… They also represent a huge opportunity for our community.

Visit: www.koalapark.org.au or come down to the Visitor Info  Centre at 138 Giinagay Way to learn more, become a volunteer or see workshops and events.