By Anna Dowd

You’ve seen him on TV, you’ve seen him online, you may have even seen him down the pub – but have you seen Jimeoin live?

His new show Ramble On! is the smash-hit comedy booster everyone needs to kick off their shiny new 2022. 

Celebrated as one of live-comedy’s true masters, Jimeoin’s shows are an onslaught of gags and a constant stream of laughter – inimitable facial expressions, Northern Irish accent and world famous eyebrows included. 

“Yeah my eyebrows have been very beneficial to me,” he laughs, reflecting on a career spanning 30 years. 

“They’re really a direct result of my accent. When I moved to Australia I had to just really sell what I was  saying with my face. I’d see that look of confusion on people’s faces when I’d just opened my mouth.

“You wouldn’t want to have my accent here and be carjacking someone, like, ‘get out of the car!’ or ‘give me your money!’ without some good facial expressions. They’d have no idea what you were saying.” 

From Nhulunbuy to Newcastle, Jimeoin’s toured the country that’s well and truly claimed him as it’s own more times than he can count – and looking forward more than ever to getting back out there after lockdown life. 

“We all laugh better collectively, as a group, that’s the difference with a live show. 

“Like you don’t laugh as much if you’re watching comedy on TV, but if you’re with others and can feel the joy in the room, that’s what we’re aiming for.”

WHAT Jimeoin: Ramble On Tour
WHERE Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour
WHEN 13 JAN 2022 | 7pm
TIX $49 + BF Pre-sold