George Catsi

Sometimes you’ve just gotta accept where you are from. And who you are. And, who your parents are. Or do you?

Am I who I say I am? is a one-man comedic memoir by George Catsi about one father, four surnames and how we make a story the story of who we are.

After a huge season at the Sydney Comedy Festival and Sydney Greek Festival, the award winning Catsi is bringing his personal odyssey to stages further north.

An academic, memoirist, installation artist, educator, and community activist – Catsi is sharp satirist and masterful storyteller who’s show encapsulates the personal motto, “ It’s not what happens to you in your life, it’s how you react that defines you.”

Sink into your seat as you’re taken from Crete to Cairo, Detroit to Sydney, with Catsi chasing down his identity, a gripping yarn pulled together by multiple Greek diasporas and revolutions, balancing absurdity with pathos, and a crate of Blue Stratos.

..the story was an exquisite balance of poignancy and pants-wetting hilarity, often at the same time.” Audience member.

WHEN Wed 16 Jun | 7pm
WHERE Cedar Bar, Bellingen
COST $30