Foodie Review

By Awia Markey | brought to you by Bite Food Tours

Did you know that American writer Ernest Hemingway moved to Havana, Cuba in 1940, and lived there for 22 years? He was initially drawn to Cuba for the incredible fishing available in the Gulf Stream.

Over time Hemingway fell in love with Cuba – it was not far from the USA, yet worlds apart.

This might explain why Hemmingways Bar & Grill is located inside the Cubana Resort in Nambucca Heads – even if the spellings are different.

Ernest Hemingway’s name is often associated with drinks – the martini, the daiquiri (named after the town of Daiquiri on the SE tip of Cuba) and the iconic Hurricane.

His own invention, the Death in the Afternoon cocktail is a simple mix of champagne and absinthe.

Not surprisingly Death in the Afternoon wasn’t on the cocktail menu so I ordered a Chilli Margarita instead.

Hemmingways offers a choice of three martinis – a Rosella Martini, Lychee & Passionfruit, or an Espresso Martini – you could ask for a classic martini.

Drinks aside, what was Ernest Hemingway’s writing style? A typical Hemingway novel or short story is described as written in simple, direct, unadorned prose. If I apply that description to food – simple means unfussy, direct means flavour, and unadorned means using fresh ingredients not drowned in a sauce.

And that describes my dinner at Hemmingways Bar & Grill. Our table of 2 ordered two small plates – Grilled King Prawns with lemon, garlic and herbs; and Truffle Potato Gnocchi with wild mushrooms, cauliflower and hazelnuts. We also ordered a main of Lamb Fillet cooked medium rare, to share.

The grilled prawns were succulent, and the main of lamb was tender and delicious. But the standout was the plate of gnocchi – silky pillows of potato mixed with the earthy flavours of mushrooms, garlic, hazelnuts, and just the right amount of seasoning.

The taste of autumn was on this plate. It was so good I ordered a second plate.

When I revisit Hemmingways it will be with a Hemingway paperback in one hand, a Rosella Martini in the other, and a large plate of Truffle Gnocchi.

Hemmingways Bar & Grill at the Cubana Resort in Nambucca Heads 56-58 Riverside Drive.